Restaurant review : Basil Pasta House

Good evening everyone ! 
Today I will going to review Basil Pasta House.

My dad coincidently found out this restaurant when he drove passed by one Saturday night, he was shocked by the long queue queuing up from the restaurant entrance until the road side.
he told me about this and the whole family found one day to visit this pasta house.

I love this handmade wooden signboard, cute and noticeable !

It was a weekday when we came here for lunch, hence we did not get to experience the long queue 😂

Hah ! I spot an empty table close to the kitchen where we could sit hahaha

A pretty much cosy corner, a nice area for a group of friends to chill, the chairs was a bit shaky, so we still preferred to sit the place mentioned just now

 The details of the restaurant can be referred to here.

Prawn and Garlic Hot Pot 
"Sauteed Prawn with Garlic Flakes, Dried Chili, Herb, Lemon Myrtle in Hot Olive Oil & Toasted Bread"
Description sourced from menu
Love this appetizer ! It was beyond my expectation, you could tell that the shrimps were very fresh when you firstly bite into them you could taste the crunchy, firm and crisp texture. In ours Asian language, they could be described as "bouncy" and "doin doin", the olive oil gave a right amount of moisture, the whole dish was tasty with a hidden hint if lemon myrtle, herb and dried chilli. The garlic flakes added the crisp texture for this appetizer. 
A great start up that opened up my appetize ready for the main courses !

Fettuccine and Norway Salmon Cube Lemon Alfredo Sauce
"Fettuccine with Lemon infused Parmesan Cheese Cream Sauce, Chive Seasonal Vegetable, Norway Salmon, Sun dried tomato, Lemon Zest, Seaweed Furikake" Description sourced from menu

This was my favourite dish among all the dishes. The fettuccine had a tender but remain a slight bite to your teeth texture which was not overly cooked or too hard, matched perfectly with the parmesan cheese cream sauce, refreshing lemon zest which gave the mind boosting sour taste, the green beans, chive seasonal vegetables and the seaweed furikake. I like the sour taste of the chive seasonal vegetable and seaweed furikake that enhance the flavour of the dish. The salmon cubes were good too but still not yet the freshest ones. 
Anyway, salmon + cheese + fettuccine + lemon = the yummy combinations for me !

Pesto Genovese
"Genovese style "Blanched Basil & Parmesan" Creamy Style Cheese Green Pesto Field Mushroom, Seasonal Vegetable, Pork Bacon, Basil Leaf, Parmesan Cheese & Pine Nut"
Description sourced from menu
A dish filled with mouthful and rich ingredients giving a satisfying cravings. Recommended for pesto lovers. I like the pesto sauce too.

Bucatini & Crispy Squid Chinese Golden "Mac and Cheese"
 A must try dish ! The golden egg yolk sauce was so delicious matching together with Italian spaghetti, well seasoned with curry leafs, chili flakes. Deep fried squid rings had a little bit of salty taste, as I am also an egg yolk dish lover, I definitely love this plate ! However I am easy to get heaty so the salmon fettuccine is still placed as the first place in my heart, okay I will put this the second one in my favourite list ! Mmmm Mmmm 😋

Black Truffle Fedelini Pan-Seared US Scallop & Prawn Bisque 
"Fedelini Sauteed with Onion, White Wine, Black Truffle Paste Butter Sauce Served with Caramelized US Scallop, Prawn Bisque, Dash of Cream & Chili Oil"
Description sourced from menu
Fedelini was tasty dressed with black truffle paste butter sauce and dash of cream, the caramalized US Scallops were well-cooked which retained the "bounciness" of the scallop meat, despite this one, I was wondering, where was the hints of prawn bisque ? I couldn't taste it at all 😂 
Still, a good dish and fresh pasta sauce for me.

Overall food taste and quality: 8 / 10

Environment and hygiene : 5.7/ 10 (Marks deducted due to the washrooms, quite dirty to be honest)

Service quality : 6.5 / 10

Address: No.21, Jalan Kuchai Maju 6, Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park, Wilayah Persekutuan, 58200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Contact: 03-7972 8884

Business Hours: Weekdays  - 12pm - 3pm, 4pm - 10pm
                            Sat & Sun- 12pm - 10pm
                            Closed on Tuesday


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